We invite everyone to become a volunteer of NGO “MART”.

We unite active, sociable, initiative and creative people for:

  • Organizing human rights actions, informational activities, flash mobs;
  • Founding discussion platforms on human rights;
  • Help with covering and popularization of initiatives;
  • Help with organizing International documentary human rights film festival DocuDays UA in Chernigiv oblast;
  • Holding the exhibition “Everyone has the right to know their rights”;
  • Participation in educational events for school children and students of high educational establishments;
  • Participation in monitoring of human rights observance;
  • Work in civil legal reception;
  • Help in office management.

What do you get?

  •           Volunteer certificate;
  • If necessary, we will provide letters of recommendation;
  • Participation in trainings, seminars;
  • Ability to use library NGO "MART" on various topics including human rights;
  • Informal education;
  • Internships at the institution;
  • New acquaintances and experience.

To become a volunteer of NGO “MART” you need to fill in the application form and e-mail it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and after that we’ll contact you. Or come to us in Chernihiv, Pyatnitskaya st. 39, 702 office

You can familiarize with “statute of organization” and “Regulations on volunteering”.